SKITZY A Play By Daniel Lake.

Skitzy. A dark comedy about hope. Formations of relationships in extreme circumstances. Escapades of 5 mental asylum inmates. Skitzy explores dark places in the mind while remaining a witty, ballsy comedy.

Originally written and performed at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2007. Skitzy received glowing reviews, including a review on BBC radio 6 from comedian Phil Jupitus, who described the play as his highlight of the festival! Describing the piece as “Absolutely wonderful!”

Skitzy is brought to you by N.U.T. Productions, a new production and marketing company based in Newcastle hoping to promote and produce the arts and more in the North East.
NUT productions are proud to present a new and improved performance of Skitzy, with several of the original cast members returning to their roles. The script has been sharpened and we are confident that this is a play you won’t forget in a hurry.

Four nights at the People’s Theatre, from Monday the 24th until Thursday the 27th of May. Show starts 8 pm. Running time 1hr30min. Book now to avoid disappointment.

Get in touch via facebook, myspace, twitter or contact us on – 07545480791

For more information about The People’s Theatre follow the link to their website below;

Daniel Lake

Jonathan Dixon and Chloe Gosling of NUT Productions

Daniel Lake
Sean Mellor
Charlie Hindley
Jack Gardner
Phil Orme
Jo McGarry
JD Dixon
Chloe Gosling


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