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Mango and more.

I just finished a dinner so delectable I decided to blog it both for my long-term benefit and that of any poor unsuspecting person who might happen to stumble across this page.

This dish comprises fried tuna steak, boiled spinach or sprouting broccoli, potatoes (chips, boiled, wedges etc whatever your preference) and the pièce de résistance a magnificent mango salsa/sauce/side/topping type thing.

Ingredient for the salsa are Mango, plum tomatoes, sugar, salt, pepper, red chilli pepper, green chilli pepper, sweet chilli sauce, garlic. boil in a small amount of water and add ingredients to taste, cook with consistent stirring until desired consistency is reached.

Spinach and potatoes…I will not insult your intelligence.

Tuna use a little of the mango magnificence to season pre cooking, then its a simple matter of fry on a low heat for 4 mins each side and high heat for 1 min each side.

And serve expecting high praise.